Our culture is defined by our Core Values. 

Enriching the lives of our team members through connection, passion, and purpose.  

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Our Core Values are truly ours!

At the 2017 NRED Annual Conference, all team members were asked to share three words to describe the following:

  • Their Career with NRED
  • How they felt working at NRED
  • The culture at NRED

It was from this collection of shared words we wrote our 10 Core Values. We take great pride in not only how our core values were established but how our company thrives to Work Differently, Learn Differently, Give Differently and Live Differently because of them.  

1. Do Customer Centricity Through Emotional Experiences
2. Create Fun & Own Different
3. Be Passionately Determined
4. Be Humble
5. Do More with Less
6. Build Relationships Through Communicating with Integrity
7. Open the Mind and Release Your Imagination
8. Bear-Hug and Deliver Change
9. Build a Positive Team
10. Learn with Purpose and Grow
To say they go above and beyond for their residents is an understatement. I honestly have never experienced such a wonderful staff - they have created such a sense of community among the residents. Something I imagine, is hard to accomplish, yet is done successfully and gracefully.
Ann at Imperial Lofts
3 Paid Days to Give Back: NRED Cares Day, Employee’s Choice Day & Community Choice Day
Meredith Reese
Director of People
I love what I do, and receiving my NALP Credential/Certification is another step to prove it. What you do is not only a job is also part of your life and being part of this great company has motivated me to show the best of me.
Leasing Consultant
To me #WorkDifferently means more than a job. It's like work, but with family and people that you trust and support and people that trust and support you.
Bethany Ehret

On the third Thursday of September we close our doors and open our hearts to Give Differently.

This is my second year participating in NRED Cares Day. What is most memorable to me is the opportunity to work alongside my peers and know that we are giving back and making a real difference in our communities.  We are helping individuals, seniors, children and even animals all over, and I'm both humbled and proud to be a part of this special day
Caleb Bartlett

Work Differently With Us.

"Working differently is reminding myself it’s not about me, it is about YOU"
Kyle Scott
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